Liquid plastic – FLEX FLOOR – England

Liquid plastic – seamless waterproofing insulation

Liquid plastic is a waterproofing material, which creates durable and seamless  waterproofing insulation. The liquid plastic hardens after 20 minutes of its application and it can be applied even during winter, for its point of freezing is at -20°C. Flex Floor can be applied even on wet surfaces.

Liquid plastic has excellent 100% adhesion to the surface, it is UV resistant and waterproofing after 20 minutes of its hardening.

These and its other features ensures, that Flex Floor is a perfect waterproofing insulation for, roofs, pools, patios, foundations and bottom structures. Moreover, it is easily applicable by brush or by a roller.

Liquid plastic is packed in buckets ranging from 3 kg to 20 kg. This packaging enables easy manipulation even in hardly accessible places.

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Liquid plastic – characteristic:
  • anti-slip, waterproofing material
  • seamless insulation, which takes only 20 minutes to harden after application
  • application to  -20°C
  • application possible on wet surfaces
  • Rainproof after 20 minutes from its hardening
  • 100% adhesion, elastic
  • durable and longlasting ( approx. 40 years)
  • easy application ( brush, roller )
  • posiible DIY reapair or application (lowering of the costs)
  • homogenous high quality surface without seems
  • smooth and neat surface
  • the repaired parts will perfectly merge with new layer of liquid plastic
  • Liquid plastic is UV resistant
  • It is resistant against atmospheric impacts
  • consumption/qm =  0.5kg – 1kg 
  • Follow the user’s instructions! (downloadable here).


Liquid plastic – application:
  • roofs
  • balconies
  • loggias
  • patios
  • foundations
  • industrial floors
  • pools
  • gutters
  • bottom structures…
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